We are Tribe Creative Media. A mighty team of 11 made up of 9 rockstars and ourselves; Ben and Jayme.

Our love for photography has brought us through a long and winding path to the place we are as filmmakers now. Past careers and life experiences have equipped us to create a unique experience when working with our clients and making films. We tell stories of important life events through film because of the qualities that video provides. Qualities like movement, body language, the look in someones eye and the overall energy that takes a memory beyond the one dimensional physicality that traditional photography gives.

Those qualities are what make memories so special to look back on.

Tribe Creative Media began as a way for us to keep our own memories of time spent with our son, who had been stationed in Japan at the time. On a trip home for him we found ourselves shooting film to capture everything we could of the little time we had together. From there the beauty and impact of having personal films for us to keep was an obvious sign that we wanted to give this to others.

By shooting additional still photography to supplement our video work, we are able to offer such a complete memory to look back on that it feels as if you are living the day all over again. And what’s more powerful than having the ability to relive the best days of your life?

We have a personal blog that we do a lot of Family Videos that you can learn more about our family on: